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Water & CO2 Monitoring for Water Dispensers

The only IoT solution on the market that monitors both gas & water. Engage with your fountain even further.

leverage the full potential of your water fountain

more value
less waste

Discover the advantages of monitoring your fleet in real-time.
Let Droople connect you to the Internet of Water
smart system droople

smarter systems

Connecting your indoor fountains to the Droople Platform provides the best in remote, intelligent management.

  • Who can help you for leak detection?
  • Will your sparkling water get flat?
  • When should you change your water filter to maintain the best quality?

Shift to predictive maintenance with instant visualization and notifications.


added value services

Finally share to customers the benefits of a water refilling station with a real-time sustainable impact screen.

Introduce fair pay-per-use billing to meet your customers’ transparency expectations.

take social

take on social responsibility

Ever heard that by 2025, two-thirds of the world's population may be facing water shortages ?

Lead by example with consistent measurements. Build a case for your water footprint. Provide tangible metrics & hard data to support your CSR reports.

makes the invisible, visible

Real-time analytics to get the most out of your big data.


Easy retrofit installation


Accessible on all devices and computers


ROI in less than a year


Seamless & secure to your 3rd-party platfform


Ultra-low battery powered


Real-time sustainability KPIs and health monitoring

Real time impact

Showcase an Awareness Screen on any screen or smart device.  Real time, sustainable impact of your fountain over single use plastic bottles.

designed with you in mind

designed with you in mind

fountainOS ensures any water fountain performs to the best of its life. Always keep your promise for top performance, water quality, hydration and health.

service providers


Equipped with better data, you can make faster, more informed decisions. Receive alarms and plan your inteventions to place & time with behavioral insights.

Reduce OPEX by 20%

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"Already a great success with +17,000 liters distributed, with +62,700 consumers... the ecological impact (via Droople's technology) is very positive with nearly 34,000 50cl plastic bottles saved and 3,000 kg less CO2!"

Fabrice Cretin

General Director

Regler Coffee
"Active climate protection, health promotion and cost savings are the 3 most important advantages: Do employees drink enough water at the office? What is the environmental impact? Good for the environment, good for the wallet."

Bernhard Kiesel

Managing Director

"Droople makes it possible to track tap water consumption and the environmental impact it saves in real time. A real added value for all involved!"

Lior Etter

Co-founder & Managing Director

"The collaboration with Droople allowed us to demonstrate the positive environmental impact of Gjosa technology. Indeed, the Gjosa showerhead delivers 60% water savings while simultaneously improving the customer experience."

Luc Amgwerd

Co-founder, CEO

Unterbichler Gase GmbH
"Data exchange between both Unterbichler and Droople platforms has been adapted seamlessly to ensure a perfect integration of this new feature. Advantages are obvious as gas is becoming a convenient product comparable to current and water: No need to interfere anymore – always there, when needed. "

Tobias Rapp

Head of Sales and Services

Die Kaffeemeister
"The whole system is operating “behind the scenes” - giving our customers the pleasure to enjoy exactly what they want: the perfect quality beverage at any time."

Tobias Wiebe

Expansion Manager

Our cases studies

hair salon sink showerhead and hair products

Smarter fountains in Switzerland

Outdoor equipment retailer, Urbanat, SIG for the City of Geneva and Fontaineo (manufacturer) collaborated to launch a campaign to beat the heat wave and reduce single-use water bottles.

hands holding

63K+ users

water CO2 gas sparkling

61% prefer sparkling

90% filtered lake water

90% filtered lake water

colleagues drinking water in workplace conference room

Sparkling Water for the Office- Droople Case Study

Die Kaffeemeister’s new drinking solutions at the workplace went beyond coffee to hydrate and appeal to employees.

building icon


glass icon




young girl in africa washing her hands at school

Ambassadors of Water - Droople case study

Droople and Wasser für Wasser announce the partnership for access to drinking water.

hand drop



Water Networks

Good For All

Good For All

huge pile of plastic bottles waste outside to decompose

Sustainability analytics in reducing plastic waste - Droople case study

All of us appreciate a bottle of fresh water. But once consumed, what happens to all those plastic bottles?

zero bottles no bottles

24K avoided

people on escalator

48K users /year

0.05CHF / litre

0.05CHF / litre

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a platform demo?

You sure can! Here is a preview of some analytics we can provide with our solution. In the meantime Contact Us and we will be in touch real soon.

Does it fit on any water dispenser?

Depending on the installation of the sensor should be made by a professional plumber and may require additional fittings. Our sensors are sized (1) Flow: 1/2", 3/4" and 1", (2) CO2 pressure 1/4".

How can I order units?

Visit our Contact Us page or send an email to contact@droople.com for what you are interested in. Our sales team will reach out to assess the best package for you and send you the agreed quote. Then your package is on its way!

Where is Droople based?

Although we are an international provider, Droople is a swiss-based cleantech located in Puidoux, Switzerland. Map us and plan for a visit!

I want to know more. What else do you provide?

You've come to the right place - there is more! Learn more about our products by contacting us or for any future collaboration contact@droople.com

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Case studies
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