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To contribute to the global goal of preserving water, using smart tools and information technology to improve the way people use, conserve and value water.

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In 2018, Droople was founded by CEO Ramzi Bouzerda, who had the idea to create a smart tap that could save us millions of liters of water.

Established as part of EPFL’s Incubator La Forge for early-stage startups, strong ties with the school continue still exist with collaboration on research projects.
In 2021, three years after its launch, Droople raised seed round fund totaling CHF 1.5M from private investors and moved to their headquarers in Puidoux with a dedicated showroom.

Internationally active across Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia-Pacific, Droople’s growing customer base includes water treatment manufacturers, hospitality service providers and facility managers.
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One team, One dream

Meet the Drooplets

We believe striking the right balance between your personal and professional life is critical to life-long happiness and fulfillment.

Photo of Melissa Landman, sustainability officer in black tanktop shirt dark brown hair on taupe background
Melissa Landman
Head of Sustainability
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photo of Mims Ducarme in jean shirt on taupe background
Mylène Ducarme
Office Manager and Executive Assistant
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Photo of Dominique Buisson in pink shirt on taupe background
Dominique Buisson
Sales Director France
Logo LinkedIn
Photo of Denis Vörös, Head of Products & Supply Chain at droople in grey jacket and blue shirt on taupe background
Denis Vörös
Head of Products & Supply Chain
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photo of francesco mercurio sales director UK and ireland of droople in navy blue suit on taupe background
Francesco Mercurio
Sales Director UK & Ireland
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Photo of Mathilde Béguin, intern in white shirt braided hair on taupe background
Mathilde Béguin
Supply Chain Manager
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photo of ramzi bouzerda ceo of droople in blue suit on taupe background
Ramzi Bouzerda
CEO & Founder
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Photo of Thomas Rerolle, Electric Engineer in green shirt on taupe background
Thomas Rerolle
Production Technician
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Photo of Claudine Flouty, Head of Business Development at Droople with blue suit jacket and white tee-shirt on taupe background
Claudine Flouty
Head of Business Development
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Photo of Celia Guyot, Events Consumer Support at droople in black outfit on taupe background
Célia Guyot
Events & Customer Support
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photo of Bastien Rojanawisut Head of Software of droople in blue suit on taupe background
Bastien Rojanawisut
Head of Software
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Photo of Maud Bannwart with dark shirt on taupe background
Maud Bannwart
Human Resources
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photo of Mathieu Maréchal, in green shirt on taupe background
Mathieu Maréchal
Junior Project Manager
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photo of Antoine Schmider, Full-Stack Data Engineer in blue suit on taupe background
Antoine Schmider
Full-Stack Data Engineer
Logo LinkedIn
photo of Ioannis Noukakis, Full-Stack Software Engineer in blue shirt on taupe background
Ioannis Noukakis
Full-Stack Software Engineer
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photo of Xavier Renger, in white sweater on taupe background
Xavier Renger
Sales Associate & Customer Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Droople tick?

“As a dad, I care a lot about the future of younger generations,” explains CEO Ramzi Bouzerda. Droople’s vision is therefore very clear: “We want to improve the way we use water to ensure a sustainable future for humanity.” To do so, Droople is building the Internet of Water, connecting 100BN+ water assets offline today to predict their maintenance, enable water conservation and empower the consumers.

What is the idea behind the name “Droople”?

Droople = Drop + Google + Apple that inspired me to name Droople because we would like to be the Google for data mining, Apple for the product performance and UX with a precision of a drop because it’s Swiss made !

Smart Water Monitoring Solutions. What do you measure?

Water cycles (on/off), Flow quantity, Flow temperature, Flow rate, Time length of flow, Sediment pressure, CO2 gas pressure for sparkling water, Voltage of device battery, and Gateway connectivity. Contact us for any inquiries and we would be pleased to explore the most efficient or NEW options for what insights and decisions you are trying to achieve. If you are still hungry, visit our Support page for more info technical details.

Does your solution only work on water dispensers?

We provide insights to anything beyond the main water meter in a building. Learn more about other Droople products pertaining to several sectors.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes physical objects with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks. Droople's IoT sensors, big data and analytics make it possible to reduce the amount of water wasted, improve the efficiency of water distribution and alert anomalies, hence our mission to connect 100B+ water assets off radar today to the Internet of Water.

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